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Online Resources: Social, Financial, and Family Issues

Aside from physical health and cognitive issues, some seniors face social isolation, bereavement as family members and friends die, financial difficulties related to the increasing cost of health care, elder abuse, and dealing with end-of-life issues.


There are many resources that provide information on how to deal with these matters, including where and how to get help. The following are recommended by Neighborhood Falmouth:

End of Life Planning

This resource, developed by Neighborhood Falmouth, provides materials and information about end-of-life planning, especially how to deal with seemingly complex paperwork and family issues. We provide access to resources both online and in the community. Read More About EOL Planning... 

Common Social, Financial, and Family Issues for Seniors

As we age, dealing with chronic illness, decrease in mobility, finding adequate transportation, mourning the loss of family members and friends, managing finances, and finding and paying for appropriate health care can be a significant burden. Although these are complex issues and different for each one of us, the following resources recommended by Neighborhood Falmouth may be helpful:

Social Issues

Financial Issues
& Family
The Health Care System

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