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Donate: Help Us Serve the Falmouth Community

Neighborhood Falmouth was created to provide services and help is needed so that Falmouth Seniors can stay safely and comfortably in their homes for as long as possible. With a focus on independence, activity, and sociability, Neighborhood Falmouth promotes healthy living and social engagement.

How to Donate

Membership dues cover less than 50% of Neighborhood Falmouth’s annual budget. The rest depends on support from businesses and individuals like you. Please make a generous gift today so that we can continue to help Falmouth Seniors stay active, engaged, and healthy. There are three easy ways to donate:


Click on the link below to easily and securely donate online.








Mail a check to:

Neighborhood Falmouth

P.O. Box 435

Falmouth, MA 02541

Pay with a credit card:

Call us with your credit card number


Frequently Asked Questions About Donations

Q: Why do you need to raise money if you are a non-profit?

A: Most non-profit groups must raise funds to support their work and Neighborhood Falmouth is no exception. Some NF expenses are unsurprising. Rent, office supplies, computer, website, and staff costs are typical expenses for a non-profit. Less typical are the costs of managing NF’s large, diverse volunteer program, which sends volunteers across town and across the Cape in service of Falmouth Seniors: driving, visiting, fixing, helping, and more. These costs include special volunteer management software, extensive insurance, volunteer background checks, recruitment efforts, training, support, and more.


Events to build community, combat loneliness, and engage members and volunteers also need funding. Although Neighborhood Falmouth members pay annual dues, membership covers less than half the cost of NF’s annual budget. The rest must be raised in other ways. Fundraising is a normal and necessary part of the organization’s activities, and it gives us a terrific opportunity to share information about the organization, and engage new participants.

Q: How does Neighborhood Falmouth use its members’ fees and donations?

A: Neighborhood Falmouth’s major expense is its small but very busy staff: a full time Executive Director, a part time Coordinator of Volunteers, and a part time Office Assistant. Member fees pay for less than half of the expenses; the rest must come from donations, fundraisers, and grants. The Director registers and interviews new members and volunteers, plans activities, and applies for grants. She coordinates the committees and the board and answers request calls from members and the community. The Coordinator of Volunteers communicates with the volunteers to fill member requests; in 2018 there were over 4,000 requests. Funds also pay for rent, computers, insurance, as well as volunteer recruitment and training.

Q: Shouldn’t all Seniors be able to receive rides and home services for free, with one municipal system covering everything that NF and the Senior Center do? 

A: This would probably be ideal and some day it may come about. But town budget constraints along with the town-wide number of seniors mean that free home services cannot be provided alone. Just as there are different options for schools such as public, private, and charter schools, there also needs to be different options for Senior assistance programs. And while there is a membership fee for Neighborhood Falmouth, there is also a pool of Membership Assistance funds so that no Senior is turned away for lack of funds. At any given time, about 10% of NF members receive free membership. Finally, the cost of non-medical home care, for even a few hours a week, would easily exceed the monthly cost of Neighborhood Falmouth membership.

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