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What Our Members Are Saying


The most valuable gift I have ever given my Mom is a membership to Neighborhood Falmouth. What a godsend it has been for both of us to know that, though I live far away, there are caring and concerned friends, at Neighborhood Falmouth, to help Mom out with anything from taking care of a small home repair or maintenance issue to driving her to the doctor, and she enjoys their great social gatherings. Neighborhood Falmouth (has) introduced us to a world of special people and given us peace of mind. 

Kris C.

I did not want to go to the luncheon yesterday, fearing a lot of old people talking about their illness.”  No such thing. A lot of vibrant, brave people. Good conversation. Good soup, too. I enjoyed it muchly and was glad to be there. Thank you!

Jonathan W.

I joined Neighborhood Falmouth for the future, but even now I’m getting help—nice for me, and my children love it!

Kay P.

When I first learned of Neighborhood Falmouth, I was able to drive and was self-sufficient. Suddenly, my vision deteriorated and I was told that I am legally blind—overnight, I lost my independence. NF is the answer to my prayers for I do not know how I would manage without them. Transportation is my primary need and thanks to their great volunteers, my needs are met! I look forward to every trip – meeting new people, enjoying stimulating and interesting conversations while also making new friends and getting to my appointments. Is NF meeting my needs? A resounding, “YES!

Polly S.

Neighborhood Falmouth is definitely a comfort and help to me. For example, I was able to locate a tree surgeon who is competent, reliable, and reasonable in cost. He took down a dead pine and when the next hurricane came I wasn’t worried about it falling on my roof! Also, the spring influx of strong, cheerful students from Falmouth Academy helped me with a chore I just can’t stand up long enough to do—washing all my downstairs windows. Furthermore, I do my part by driving people to doctor’s appointments, which I’m sure I will need at some point in the future.

Margaret C.

I fell and fractured my shoulder, and was laid up for three weeks. I needed help with house cleaning. Neighborhood Falmouth found an organization that got me through my recuperation time, doing my housekeeping very satisfactorily. In addition a Neighborhood Falmouth volunteer has helped me out a few times with my computer. I am certainly glad that I joined Neighborhood Falmouth.

Nat C.

We received help with driving from two young student volunteers home for their summer vacation. We enjoyed getting to know them.

Ruth & Wesley K.

We have loved having my Dad as a member of NF.  My siblings and I live out of state and it is so helpful for him to be able to get rides to routine medical appointments. My Dad also looks forward to the monthly luncheons on Wednesdays. He hopes to be able to attend more of the cultural events in the future. 

Jean M. 

Life has changed for me in so many ways. Now I have many more challenges, and yet I now have a life where I know no strangers and experience a different kind of joy. I am grateful for new friendship. One big thank you Neighborhood Falmouth!

Judith W.

Membership in Neighborhood Falmouth has greatly enhanced the quality of both my mother's. and my lives. My mother has more social contacts and joy and I have more quality  time to spend with my mom! Thanks to you amazing volunteers - you know who you are!

Janet F.

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