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From the Desk of NF Director Susan Loucks

This fall NF celebrated its 10th Anniversary with an ice cream social at the Flying Bridge. It was a spectacular September afternoon on the water, and with a full house of members and volunteers, founders, and friends, it was a very happy- and delicious!- outing. Our Annual Fall Gathering in November  is another free, fun opportunity to bring together members and volunteers as a group to share a meal. Thanks go to organizers Marcia Easterling and Sue Gnospelius who, with help from a multitude of volunteers, along with our friends at Royal Megansett, has provided the food and all the time, energy, and provisions to pull it all together!


We are also focusing on more direct ways we can help Falmouth Seniors. Among them is a new awareness of the debilitating effects of loneliness and social isolation. And while this isn’t a problem that solely affects Seniors, we know that it is a significant problem, and we are working on ways to heighten the impact of our volunteers’ time with NF members. Watch this space as these activities come to life.


And, given the enormous success of NF’s End of Life “Are Your Ready?” series of workshops co-hosted with the Falmouth Senior Center, we are planning a second group of talks that we hope will make the information more concise, as well as offering participants the opportunity to work with professionals on their important documents, and clarifying and conveying one’s wishes for late in life care.


As always, if you know anyone who would benefit from Neighborhood Falmouth, as a member, volunteer, or supporter, we’d love to talk to you! Give us a call, or send along an email and we’ll be back in touch!


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October 2019 Statistics

Current Membership:

128 (34 Household, 94 Individual)

33 are on waitlist

12% Scholarship members (15)


Volunteer Service Activities:

71 Volunteers took requests 

56 Members made requests