What's New at Neighborhood



From the Desk of NF Director Susan Loucks:


Lately the buzz is all about helping Seniors and others get registered and to their COVID vaccination. The online wait times are long, the websites confusing, and the locations and availability shifting all the time. Here’s what, besides the vaccines, we have been up to:


  • Our 2020 PPP loan has been forgiven! Great news!

  • Time to work on our Insurance Policies renewals - this is more interesting than it sounds :)

  • Governance Work – A new class of Board Members is ready to join Neighborhood Falmouth at our Annual Meeting in April. They are a great group!

  • Grant applications – We’re always looking for partners to help support the important work of NF, so will be writing grant requests to several area grantors

  • NF’s new FCTV-13 program “Over the Back Fence: A Conversation with Neighbors” continues. We have recorded 6 more programs for a total of 12 programs, with 2 new programs being recorded each week. FCTV says there is a small response, but what they have heard has been positive. (If you want to se them, see FCTV's schedule online, or watch from our website's homepage

  • We continuing planning our 2021 Fundraising Events , including the Master Thieves Author Talk on March 18, the Paper Shredding Fundraiser on Saturday, June 12, and our big fundraiser, a Barbeque Picnic on September 18. Stay tuned to learn more! Your participation and support during these events and during the year help NF provide important services to Falmouth Seniors. Thanks for being a part of it!

  • We continue to call prospective Members on the Membership Waiting List to get them into NF and receiving services


And here is some nuts and bolts information:

Current Members: 118 (27 Household, 91 Individual), 19 are on waitlist. Four new prospective members have been added to the waitlist since January. 15% (18) of our members receive Scholarship Membership Assistance Funds. Four new volunteers and two new members have joined. We expect several new members to join soon.

Finally, below are the statistics on services provided in January.

With best wishes,