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Member Services and Benefits

If you are a member, one phone call or email to the Neighborhood Falmouth office initiates action to provide services and answer questions. You can expect the following from your membership:


Connections to other members who share your interests and hobbies, such as crafts, books, sports, painting, card games, movies, and others.

Technology Assistance

Help with electronic items including computers, cell phones, tablets, and devices such as thermostats, DVDs, clocks, and watches.

Home Monitoring & Emergency Pet Care

Home monitoring when you are on vacation. Emergency pet care should you be temporarily unable to care for your pet.

Household Accounting Assistance

Help with basic household finances such as paying bills and balancing your checkbook.












Light Home and Yard Maintenance

Weekly trash and recycling help, replacing smoke detector batteries, filling bird feeders, help with screens and AC units, closet or refrigerator cleanup​, putting out or away patio furniture.


Transportation to medical and other appointments, the grocery store, community events, and social activities.


Telephone Check-ins

Regular telephone check-ins and/or friendly visits in your home among members or with volunteers.


Social and cultural activities hosted by Neighborhood Falmouth at locations around town, or other activities determined by member interests and tapping into the rich heritage of Falmouth and the Cape. May include lunches out, group discussions, programs of interest, and other activities. See Event Page for details.

If a volunteer cannot resolve your problem: Neighborhood Falmouth staff will provide you   with the names of recommended vendors. These include handymen, house cleaners, painters, plumbers, electricians, tax preparers, and many others. Members arrange payment for these professional services directly with the vendors. How to Find a Vendor

When you become a member, you will be given a Member Handbook. The handbook provides more details about member benefits and how to access services. The Member Handbook is also available here.

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