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What Our Volunteers Are Saying

Read what volunteers are saying about Neighborhood Falmouth:

Volunteering has given me much more than I have given, not the least of which has been the chance to meet some of the most interesting, accomplished and nicest people in Falmouth.

Frank K.

It is very simple; I feel very lucky in life and, with Neighborhood Falmouth, I get an opportunity to directly help others in need.

John D.

I volunteer for NF because I have been fortunate to have the time and ability to assist others and my parents benefited from similar assistance in the past.  I have enjoyed speaking with the members and hearing their stories.

John B.

Neighborhood Falmouth provides structures that allow volunteers to do simple tasks that make a difference to those whose everyday lives are restricted by age or illness. Shopping for members allows me to share in those small things that matter. I feel privileged to be welcomed in, included in lives so delicately knit yet strong in history. 

Rhona C.

I like the personal connection...I’ve done Meals on Wheels and Around the Table for years but never really got to know the people. Now I pick someone up share our thoughts and stories and then wait for their name to appear again so I can volunteer and get to know them even better.  

Judy E.

I volunteer for NF because I enjoy helping people. I get so much love and friendship from meeting NF clients.  They are all great people.

Judy A.

Making a difference in the quality of life for others. Hearing amazing and wonderful life stories. 

Marcia E.

I enjoy helping people to live as fully as possible in their homes. Many are vibrant, interesting, and delightful. Some of my volunteering is for repeat members mixed in with new members. I volunteer weekly and then can fit other volunteering around my schedule. I love the variety and the experience of learning from the new people I meet.

Donna M.

Riding together in a car is an ideal environment for conversation and the fact that we both belong to NF gives a sense of family that allows for very positive discussion with caring and respect

Bob M.


I have become so close to one couple that I am treated as one of their adult children, including being invited to their annual family lobster bake orchestrated by a Cape-based native American. 

Van S.


I love meeting interesting people who I otherwise would not get to know.

Mary Pat M.


For me, it’s very simply the opportunity to be of assistance to new friends, and in so doing, becoming a small part of someone’s life. 

Harry M.


Volunteering has put me in touch with people I would never have met otherwise.  It has been part history lesson as I learn about the members, their lives and Falmouth.  It is an enriching experience on so many levels. And I learned about many neighborhoods in Falmouth I never would have visited.

Betsy W.


It feels good to do this small thing that adds to the bigger picture of maintaining a personal dignity for people who otherwise would need to leave their home and community.

Lisa P.

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