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Are You Ready? End of Life Planning 

Do you have the information and tools you need to plan, manage and celebrate your last months and days?

Advance care planning allows you to prepare for future medical decision-making and communicate your values, goals and preferences for that care. Research studies have shown that people who have an advanced care plan have greater satisfaction with their care and are more likely to receive medical care aligned with their wishes.

However, many seniors living on Cape Cod—including those with serious illness—do not have an advance care plan. For many seniors, the process of creating a plan can be intimidating and confusing: selecting a health care proxy, filling out legal forms, financial decisions, estate planning, funeral and burial arrangements, and having a conversation with family and loved ones.

Creating an advance care plan is all about empowering you to have a voice in your health care, to feel empowered to speak up about who you are as a person and what is most important in your life.


Neighborhood Falmouth is dedicated to helping seniors in Falmouth stay in their homes comfortably and for as long as possible. In an effort to improve the quality of life for our senior members and volunteers, as well as the wider Falmouth community, Neighborhood Falmouth is providing information and programming about planning for end of life:

Are You Ready? Online Resources: access to reliable information and tools to help you learn about advanced planning and the steps you need to move forward with developing a more

Are You Ready? Program: Neighborhood Falmouth partnered with the Falmouth Senior Center to present an ongoing series of seminars about end of life planning...see details

End of Life Planning Resources: 

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