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Art and Antiques: What Is It Worth?

The Antiques Road Show is popular because it shows the difference between the precious (beloved and retained over a long period) and the valuable (sale-able at a price significantly greater than its original purchase price). 

You can go online to find the current market value of many household items.

The most commonly used sites are eBay and Etsy. Because of their large volume of sales, the prices are recognized by the IRS as accurate valuations. 


If you have items that are rare, unusual, or possibly of significant value, it may be worth the expense of having them appraised by a professional:

  • shows recent sale prices for works of a given artist. The site has information on more than 600,000 artists. You can join for a day for $32.50.

  • shows recent sale prices for works of a given artist. The site has information on more than 300,000 artists. You can join for a day for $14.95 or one month for $30.95.

  • Eldred’s Auctioneers & Appraisers: offers complete appraisal services if you require a personal property valuation. You can also sell valuable items through Eldred’s.  Phone: 508-385-3116

  • Sandwich Auction and Estate Services: provides appraisals, consignment auction sales, on-site fixed price estate sales, complete estate liquidation, and charity and benefit auctions. 15 Tupper Rd, Sandwich,       Phone: 508-888-1926

  • National Auction Houses: several large, well-known auction companies provide appraisal and auction services. If you have art or jewelry that you know has significant value you may want to contact one of the following auction houses: SkinnerChristies, Sothebys

  • Abebooks: offers access to information for the value of rare books, old photographs, collectible comic books, sheet music, manuscripts & paper collectibles, rare maps, and vintage copies of magazines & periodicals.

  • Isaiah Thomas Books, located at 4632 Falmouth Road in Cotuit, sells used and rare books. They will do an appraisal of rare or unusual books. Phone: 508-428-2752

  • Replacements, LTD:  Offers more than 11 million pieces of new and retired dinnerware, crystal, silver, collectibles, and accessories, many in vintage and rare designs you won't find anywhere else. Their prices reflect market value. They will also purchase items. 

Waste & Junk Removal Services

When you clean out your house, you may find items that are broken, have little or no value or cannot be donated. You then may need the services of a disposal or junk removal company. The following junk pick-up and removal service companies, serve the Falmouth area:


To find out where you can donate or sell items, go to Page 2 of

My Kids Don't Want My Stuff


Dealing with a lifetime of possessions, even after downsizing, is a daunting and emotional project.  Chances are, you have given thought to who inherits your beloved rocker and low mileage automobile.  If you have a house  full of valuables, an estate sale may be in order.  But what to do with useful everyday household objects that have no new homes?  And how do you know if things, once expensive and long cherished, have any value in today’s market?

My Kids Don't Want My Stuff! 
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