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Neighborhood Falmouth Public Service Announcements

Over the Back Fence...A Conversation with Neighbors


Watch Neighborhood Falmouth members and volunteers who joined together for a series of FCTV sessions to discuss some of their shared experiences.

E1: Favorite Things in Falmouth

E3: Memorable Photographs

E5: Surfing the Web

E7: Scariest Moment of My Life

E9: Going to the Dentist

E11: Unusual Jobs You Had

E13: Your Ancestry

E15: Alternative Medicine

E17: Museums You Love

E19: Favorite Movies

E21: Disabilities

E23: Animal Experiences

E25: Death and Dying

E2: First Cars

E4: Favorite Meals

E6: Strange Foods People Love

E8: What Would You Order?

E10: Planting Your Garden

E12: Subjects You Enjoyed in School

E14: First Dates

E16: Things To Do in Spring

E18: Sports & Games You Enjoyed Growing Up

E20: Memories of Old Falmouth

E22: Birthdays

E24: Most Interesting Place Visited

E26: Effect of Drug Advertising

E27: Cleaning Out Your Stuff

E29: Things We've Saved Over the Years

E31: Ticks

E33: A Year of Zoom Friendships

E35: Favorite Kind of Music

E37: How Do You Feel About Getting Old?

E28: Bad Haircuts

E30: Books You Are Enjoying

E32: Favorite Foods From Trader Joe's

E34: Who Would You Talk to Dead or Alive?

E36: Good or Bad Customer Service

E38: Meet NF's New Operations Manager

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