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Neighborhood Falmouth Volunteers

Make a Difference - Join the NF Team

Neighborhood Falmouth relies on our dedicated volunteers and always welcomes more to our growing organization. Volunteers help our members stay connected with the community and live safely and comfortably in their own homes. Volunteers provide transportation to stores, weekly appointments, and social events; they also enjoy visiting our members and helping in their homes.

Neighborhood Falmouth’s flexible scheduling system makes it easy for volunteers to sign-up for assignments based on their availability and interests. No pressure or weekly commitment, and snowbirds are welcome!

Email or call us at 508-564-7543 to learn more about volunteer opportunities at Neighborhood Falmouth including how to volunteer and the benefits of volunteering:

  • What Volunteers Do: Neighborhood Falmouth has a variety of volunteer opportunities to match your interests and talents

  • Why Volunteer: Volunteering for Neighborhood Falmouth has unique benefits and rewards

  • How to Volunteer: It's easy to become a volunteer for Neighborhood Falmouth - learn about the process       

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