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What Our Members Are Asking


Q: Why become a member while I am in good health and able to get services on my own?

A: Membership in Neighborhood Falmouth is like having insurance. Sooner or later, perhaps suddenly, you may need help to continue living in your own home. Signing up now means that support will be there from staff and members you have come to know. In the meantime, the pre-screened resources and services included in membership are available, your children can enjoy peace of mind about your well-being, and you may be able to help members of your community through volunteering with Neighborhood Falmouth.

Q: Does Neighborhood Falmouth duplicate services provided by other agencies in town?

A: While there may be some limited overlap, essentially NF doesn’t duplicate what’s already available through other organizations. We see ourselves as partners with other Falmouth service agencies in working to address the needs of the town’s rapidly growing Senior population.

Q: How is the membership fee used?

A: Together, membership fees, an annual fund, and special event income support staff positions, insurance, and office expenses. Member fees pay for less than half of the expenses; the rest must come from donations, fundraisers, and grants.

Q: I live in a condo with a handyman and some concierge services. Would Neighborhood Falmouth offer me additional advantages?

A: Yes. NF could take you grocery shopping and help you put your purchases away at home. NF can arrange for a driver to take you to medical appointments, and can find other members to join with you in activities that you enjoy.​

Q: Shouldn’t all Seniors be able to receive rides and home services for free, with one municipal system covering everything that NF and the Senior Center do? 

A: This would probably be ideal and some day it may come about. But town budget constraints along with the town-wide number of Seniors mean that free home services cannot be provided alone. Just as there are different options for schools such as public, private, and charter schools, there also needs to be different options for Senior assistance programs. And while there is a membership fee for Neighborhood Falmouth, there is also a pool of Membership Assistance funds so that no Senior is turned away for lack of funds. At any given time, about 10% of NF members receive free membership. Finally, the cost of non-medical home care, for even a few hours a week, would easily exceed the monthly cost of Neighborhood Falmouth membership.

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