Scams & Fraud

With more than 50 million Americans age 60 and older, seniors are prime targets for financial exploitation, both by people they know and trust and by strangers. Financial exploitation is believed to cost older adults over $36 billion annually. The following resources provide information about the various common types of fraud and financial scams and you can protect yourself or a loved one:

Steps to Avoiding Scams: A Handbook for "Savvy Saving Seniors" from the National Council on Aging. An online 27-page booklet that is a perfect starting point to learn about the issue.

Build Your Own Safety Net: Tools and strategies for seniors and their loved ones that can help prevent elder financial exploitation. Information from Consumer Reports.

Home Improvement Scams: This online brochure provides you with information, tips and resources to help you avoid being the target of a home improvement scam. Information from the Administration on Aging.

22 Senior Scams You Must Know and Avoid: Far too many older adults fall prey to scammers who are looking to make a quick buck. Here are 22 tips that can help you steer clear of scams and swindles and to stay safe. Information from the National Council on Aging.

Financial Abuse Roadmap: An interesting resource from the federal Department of Justice. Answer a few simple questions and be directed to resources to help you.