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Dealing with the Healthcare System: Medicare & Health Insurance


Medicare is our country’s health insurance program for people age 65 or older. The program helps with the cost of health care, but it doesn’t cover all medical expenses or the cost of most long-term care. You have choices for how you get Medicare coverage. If you choose to have original Medicare coverage, you can buy a Medicare supplement policy (called Medigap) from a private insurance company to cover some of the costs that Medicare does not.

The following resources provide an overview of Medicare:

Medicare: MedLine Plus 

Prescription Drug Coverage: MedlinePlus

Understanding Medicare: MedlinePlus 

MedicareThis online booklet from the Social Security Administration provides basic information about what Medicare is, who’s covered, and some of the options you have for choosing Medicare coverage. is the official U.S. government site for information about the Medicare program. The site provides all the detailed information you need to know about Medicare, how it works, how much it costs, and how you can find quality health care providers.

My Medicare Matters: Medicare can be very complex...but it doesn't have to be. Learn how to make it easier with information from the National Council on Aging.

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