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Neighborhood Falmouth Organization

Neighborhood Falmouth (NF) is part of a growing national movement to promote continuing community residence for older Americans. NF is patterned after the first such effort, Beacon Hill Village, which began offering services in Boston in 2001. There are now some 350 independent “Villages” in operation or in some phase of organization around the US. 


Nearly 60 individuals and households formed the initial Neighborhood Falmouth membership group at the startup of the organization in April 2009; we have grown to more than 120 members.

Neighborhood Falmouth members, staff, and volunteers work together to help older Falmouth residents continue to enjoy our multi-generational community from the comfort of their own homes. One phone call or email to the NF office connects members with staff and volunteers to help with light home maintenance, transportation, assistance with electronic items, emergency pet care, and daily telephone check-ins, just to name some of the services we provide. We partner with other organizations in Falmouth that provide services for seniors.

Falmouth residents age 50 or older who pay NF membership fees become members of a corporation charged with electing a 15- to 25-member board of directors at an annual meeting. The board of directors selects five officers to oversee day-to-day operations. NF is incorporated under Commonwealth of Massachusetts law and has nonprofit status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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