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Board of Directors

Neighborhood Falmouth is managed by an Executive Director and a Board of Directors elected by the Members and comprised of at least fifteen but not more than twenty-five individuals. Directors serve for a term of three years, for a maximum of two successive terms.

Because Neighborhood Falmouth is a small organization with few staff, the Board operates as a "working board" that actively participates in the activities and events hosted by the organization. The Board is responsible for approving programs and policy for the organization. Board members also act as advocates for Neighborhood Falmouth and the issues facing the elderly in the wider Falmouth community.

2024-25 Directors

President -- Bob Spadafora

Vice President – Joe Andrews

Karen Roberts – Treasurer

Vicky Lowell – Secretary/Clerk

Marion Bihari

Jack Easterling

Marcia Easterling

Rev. Nell Fields

Margaret Gifford

Sue Gnospelius

Roger Landry

Dan Leader

Amy Loewenberg

Susan Loucks

Michael McNaught

Kit O'Connor

Stephanie Prior

Phil Walker

President Emeritus

Michael Bihari

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