Silver Threads Articles

Several of our members and volunteers write articles that are published in the Falmouth Enterprise. Most of these articles are in the column, Silver Threads, which features topics of interest to seniors. The following are some of the recent Silver Threads articles:

Plant a Corona Victory Garden: Once again we are faced with the need for supplies of healthy food close to home and, though we can’t keep cows in our backyard, we can grow salad supplies...Read More

Technology for Seniors: Most of us older folks did not grow up with computers, smart phones, tablets and the internet, but we are learning to use this technology to stay connected with friends and family...Read More

Yes, I Can.  No, I Can’t….Confidence as We Age: Perhaps confidence can be viewed most clearly through the lens of awareness, of a heightened knowledge of our surroundings and an equally heightened gratitude for our confident place in it...Read More

Reflections on a Young, But Important, Organization: As Neighborhood Falmouth celebrates its tenth year of serving the Seniors of Falmouth, it seems like a good opportunity to reflect on some of what I have seen in my time with the organization...Read More

Transportation: Innumerable studies show that people need networks and community to stay healthy throughout their lives. But what happens to a senior who does not drive, lives alone and may have health or mobility issues?...Read More

Rites of Passage: Now is a good time to reassess our goals and plans for our futures – for the next rite of passage we face – old age and the end of life. It’s time to share that information with your family and close friends!...Read More

Plan B - Being Prepared!: I grew up in spending a lot of time with a grandmother who loved mottos or sayings. She would remind me: “A stitch in time saves nine.” And, most importantly she would remind me: “Always have a Plan B”. Life can change in an instant...Read More


What’s It Like to be Old? One Person’s Answer: As an older person, I think it’s interesting to think about, and examine how I feel about this inevitable stage of life...Read More

Gardening at Any Age: As we grow in gardening knowledge and skill we also age and accumulate physical limitations. There are many  tools that are more suited to the hands and knees of older gardeners...Read More

When to Shred!: It is surprisingly difficult to find unbiased information about retaining financial records. It seems (what a shock!) that everyone is trying to sell you some record keeping gizmo or expensive service...Read More