Silver Threads Articles

Several of our members and volunteers write articles that are published in the Falmouth Enterprise. Most of these articles are in the column, Silver Threads, which features topics of interest to seniors. The following are some of the recent Silver Threads articles:

Summer on the Cape-Ticks and Poison Ivy: The price we pay for living in this beautiful habitat is the many creatures – chipmunks, deer, squirrels -  who  share their ticks with us. Mother Nature has also decreed that our lush landscape is perfect for poison ivy which seems to spread by the hour. Just as we learned to promote sun safety with sunscreen and hats we must learn to avoid the dangers of ticks and poisonous plants. ...Read More


Virus Quarantine and Too Much Stuff!: I have started looking around our home and realize that we should start getting rid of things: a job much easier said than done...Read More

Technology for Seniors: Most of us older folks did not grow up with computers, smart phones, tablets and the internet, but we are learning to use this technology to stay connected with friends and family...Read More

Yes, I Can.  No, I Can’t….Confidence as We Age: Perhaps confidence can be viewed most clearly through the lens of awareness, of a heightened knowledge of our surroundings and an equally heightened gratitude for our confident place in it...Read More