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At the request of the Board, a designated sub-group considered succession planning for the organization.  Initially, each current employee position was evaluated to determine the impact on the organization should the employee be unable or unwilling to provide services.  It was determined the Executive Director (“ED”) is the most critical position to plan for, but the part-time Coordinator of Volunteers (“CoV”) position should be considered for planning as well. With such a small organization every position is critical to the continued operation and no position has a ready back up.

A vacancy in either the ED or COV positions could be planned or unplanned, short or long term, full or partial. The Executive Director wears multiple hats and the position can best be described as broad, comprised of numerous tasks over multiple skill sets.   It is estimated it could take up to 6 months to recruit and fill an ED vacancy and about the same period for the new hire to operate at full capacity.  After discussion, it seemed prudent the organization should be prepared for an unexpected 6-month vacancy in the ED position and 3-month vacancy for the COV position.  This would cover the organization for most of the possible vacancy situations, from short term (employee illness or family situation) to employee exit and the need to fill the position.

Given the size and financial position of the current operation, it does not seem prudent to hire a full time Assistant Director or a back-up Volunteer Coordinator, ready to assume responsibilities in a vacancy.  In addition, to the use of donor funds that could be used to provide member services, there is not enough work to stimulate two director level employees. And there is not enough work to justify more than one part-time COV.

Should there be a vacancy in in the ED position, the Board will form a recruiting committee to determine the appropriate search for new candidates, interview and vet candidates and ultimately develop a competitive offer.

It is the recommendation to the Board of Directors, that the focus should be on developing a contingency plan to cover the critical positions (ED and COV) in the event there is a vacancy in either position.  Because the ED position is comprised of multiple functions, it was determined the Contingency Plan would describe back-up coverage for each task area.  This approach will help to spread the workload should there be a need to cover a vacancy in the ED position.  The COV position is more specialized, requiring the critical skill sets; understanding member needs, knowledge of the Helpful Village software and excellent organization, communication and

follow through.

This Succession Plan, along with the Contingency Plan should be reviewed by the Board of Directors when appropriate, but no less than annually, at the September Board meeting, to ensure it continues to adequately meet the needs of the growing organization.



July 5, 2020

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