To Shred or Not to Shred? 

Clean out those file drawers and safely dispose of old documents that you no longer need and may have personal information. But, which ones should I keep and which are safe to shred? The following resources may help you decide what to do with the overflowing boxes and desk drawers: 


How Long Should You Keep Your Tax Records?: The IRS specifies the length of time that you need to keep your tax records, though there are some records that you may need to keep longer. Information from More


Secure Document Shredding Fundraiser


Join us for NF’s annual Document Shredding Fundraiser. See your unwanted papers shredded onsite, or have them safely taken to a secure shredding facility. 


Neighborhood Falmouth Members shred for free. Volunteers pay $5 per box, and all others pay $10 per box. A box is roughly the size of a Banker’s Box, or carton of printing paper. 


Thanks to our sponsors at Janney Montgomery Scott!

WHEN: Saturday, June 12, 8:30 - 11:30 A.M

WHERE: Cape Cod Church back parking lot on Rt. 151

When to Keep, Shred or Scan Important Papers: There’s a fine line between holding on to important financial and medical records … and hoarding. Here’s where to draw it. Information from AARP...Read More

How Long to Keep Tax Records and Other Documents: You'll also want to safely keep other documents for the right amount of time. Information from Consumer Reports...Read More

Record Retention - Which Financial Records to Keep: Keep critical documents and records safe and secure but accessible in a time of need. Information from Eric Asendorf at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC Financial Advisors, a sponsor of the Neighborhood Falmouth Shredding Event...Read More