Executive Director's Report
June 2020

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Current Members: 119 (31 Household, 88 Individual), 6 “Coronavirus members” that we are occasionally serving, 39 are on waitlist. 13% Scholarship members (15). Four new volunteers have been interviewed and CORIed since the last regular board meeting in May.

With businesses and medical offices beginning to open up, there is a small uptick in member requests so far this month. The phone is starting to come back to life. We continue to shop for 8-10 people, including occasionally some non members.

Latest on COVID-19 and NF Operations

We have communicated both to volunteers and members our latest protocols based on the current (at that time) CDC recommendations. These include members to stay at home if possible, when going out with a volunteer member sits in the back of the car if feasible. Hand sanitizer has been given to volunteers wanting it, and recommendation is that both use it frequently. Sanitize the car, along with frequent handwashing if possible. Since our recommendations were distributed, we have learned that for medical appointments, a companion may enter the building with the patient.

We will continue to revise and publicize our protocols as they are changed for the general population.

We also created an online survey for volunteers to assess when and whether they might return to volunteering vis a vis COVID-19. Everyone plans to return sometime. Most respondents, however, are going to wait “several months”, “until the government says it is ok”, “when the rate of infection is way down”, or “when there is a vaccine”. However 25% of respondents said that are ready to be put to work right now.

Other Things I’ve been Working on

  • Succession Planning – starting first with my job if I should leave with little notice, then eventually creating contingency plans if Laura was to leave on short notice.

  • PPP Final Report – due late June

  • Training Fran in Nya’s work

  • Getting prospective members off the waiting list and into membership. Am aiming for 5 new members in the coming week or so.

  • Ongoing Zoom calls with members and volunteers


Laura’s Report– May 2020

24 Volunteers took requests in May. (23 Volunteers took requests in April and 61 Volunteers took requests in March.)

30 members made requests in May. (23 Members made requests in April. While 43 Members made requests in March.)

Some requests are ongoing weekly with same volunteer

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, May was not much different than April. Non-essential rides were cancelled, with great cooperation from our members. Grocery shopping for members became the focal point, and we have been able to fulfill those requests because of the incredible volunteers on our roster. The demand remains low, however. With the “re-opening” of the state beginning, we see a trickle of doctor requests. We have been keeping the volunteers engaged on Thursdays, 11:00am on Zoom with various topics to discuss, or just to hang out. Participation has been minimal.


Not much difference between requested and completed requests