Executive Director's Report
September 2020

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Current Members: 118 (31 Household, 87 Individual), 3 “Coronavirus members” that we are occasionally serving, 27 are on waitlist. 14% Scholarship members (17). One new volunteer and three new members have joined since the board meeting in August. Two members Jayne Abbott and Arthur Waxman died in August.


Latest on COVID-19 and NF Operations

No change in protocols.

Other Things I’ve been Working on

  • Finished up Succession Planning and Contingency Plan. Will begin working on Laura’s piece soon

  • Have completed Performance Review for Laura and will also do for Fran asap

  • Working with a volunteer who wants to be useful in other ways – he is thinking group conversations about Sports.

  • Pulling together participants for the Fundraising video.

  • Submitted a grant request for $4,000 to the Massachusetts Service Alliance, and a $10,000

    request to the Hermann Foundation.

  • Continue to train Fran in Nya’s work

  • Getting prospective members off the waiting list and into membership. Have called 8 prospects off the waiting list, 3 have joined rest are thinking over

  • Working on creating COVID focused gift bags for members, Including NF branded masks

  • Updating and reprinting brochures

  • Ad into the Enterprise

  • The Fall Appeal

  • Creating structures and process for social media postings which Fran will do

  • Will begin the budgeting process with NF Treasurer Karen Roberts this month Laura’s Report– August 2020

    Requests have picked up with members as they resume doctor visits, hair appointments, grocery shopping, etc. There is only one new volunteer, Katherine Jansen who has already taken a couple of requests. We are hoping for more volunteer participation as things continue to open up.


33 Volunteers took requests in August (35 Volunteers took requests in July) 38 Members made requests in August (39 Members made requests in July)

Executive Director’s Report, September 2020


Note: “Grocery Shopping” category – when the member needs volunteer to accompany while shopping. September 2020