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Neighborhood Falmouth COVID Safety Policy



The purpose of this policy is to help ensure the safety and health of Neighborhood Falmouth (NF) members and volunteers during in-person interactions. As health experts and agencies modify guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID, including new strains of the virus, NF will monitor changes and provide safety information and recommendations for staff, volunteers and members.



NF will follow COVID guidelines and directives from the CDC and the Massachusetts Department of Health. Through email, NF will inform volunteers about the most current guidelines and recommendations. Also, the guidelines and recommendations will be mailed to members.


In addition to sending out NF recommendations, the guidelines will be published in the upcoming NF Newsletter and posted on the website.


Although strict COVID restrictions have been lifted locally, NF wants volunteers and members to feel comfortable during their time together. NF encourages members and volunteers to have a dialog about the following: feeling safer wearing a mask even if both are fully vaccinated; riding with car windows slightly open; or, keeping the car’s ventilation system on.


NF will not require proof of vaccination for either volunteers or members. However, the NF Board requests that non-vaccinated volunteers and/or members wear a mask when together in a confined space such as a car. The NF Board of Directors expects that the organization’s volunteers and members will respect each other’s need to feel safe and comfortable.



The NF Executive Director and Volunteer Coordinator are responsible for developing the materials informing volunteers and members about the latest COVID guidelines.


As needed and appropriate, the NF Executive Director will draft and send out information about government mandated or suggested changes to COVID guidelines. Any complaints or issues about the NF COVID guidelines/recommendations will be addressed by Executive Director in consultation with the NF Executive Committee.



Date Adopted: July 15, 2021




Name (printed): Michael Bihari


Role: Board President


Date: July 22, 2021

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