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Because of the lack of agenda items the Volunteer Committee did not meet.



Because of the lack of agenda items the Volunteer Committee did not meet.





Tech Committee Activities

  • Monthly maintenance

  • Will add store to sell NF cookbook and perhaps other goodies

  • An Issue: reached 100 page limit on site (15+ pages to add)

    • can keep current structure but eliminate pages that are not visited and trade a page for a page

    • health info lowest: 3-4 hits for entire year/NF stuff much higher

    • page views perhaps dictated by what’s on home page

    • can have as many pages as we want, but must switch to a different format “Dynamic Pages”


  • Added latest newsletter

  • Added latest Silver Threads

  • Monitoring COVID pages for any updates


Google Analytics: August 2020


User Activities YTD
Users: 1988 (up 204)
New Users: 1943 (97% of all users)

Sessions: 2725 (up 301)

Session Duration: 2m 28s (no change)

Bounce Rate 46.17% (up 1.37%)
Page Views: 8340 (up 966)
Pages Per Session: 3.06 (no change)
Return Visitors: 14.4% of all users (no change)


Country and City of Origin

1608 US (80.80% of users)
35 Philippines/ 31 China/ 30 India/ 23 France

Also had 15 from Bangladesh


887 Falmouth (43% of users)
89 Boston/ 68 Barnstable/ 26 Mashpee/ 20 Paris


How Users Found Us

46% came directly by typing in our URL

35% came through a search engine

  • Interesting: This group looks at more pages per session, much higher session duration, & lower bounce rate

18% came through other websites

1% came through Facebook


Top 10 Page Visits - August

- Home Page
- Newsletter
- Board Meeting Current Month - Directors Page
- About
- Members
- Contact
- Volunteers
- Events
- Member Services


Busiest Day in August 2020: Saturday 08/01 - 69 users with an average session duration of 51 sec





End of Year Appeal

The Fall Appeal should be out by week ending September 18. I expect we will mail to about 400 individuals in all. Goal will be to raise $15,000 - 20,000.


Sent grant requests to the Hermann Foundation, and the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

Still outstanding: Kelley Foundation, and later in the fall: Falmouth Fund, and possibly the United Way.

May write a grant focused on Fall Prevention and Home Safety for Members.

Am investigating an application to the Falmouth Road Race for charity bibs that we can give to people in our community

I have heard that the Willett Foundation will still be in business until the end of 2022- yay! And while we have not yet heard from them, it is reasonable to think that their support will continue this year. Also, I have learned that the Watson Fund usually reviews grants in November, and that we have been lucky to be receiving them relatively soon after applying in mid-summer. I heard that it’s a matter of “When not If” we will receive something from them. WHEW!

This is a good reminder, though, that we need to continually keep broadening our donor and granting pool, so that we are not deeply reliant on one or two revenue sources.


Have identified pairs of member and volunteers as well as some individuals that can be recorded for the video. With luck this will all happen later this month outside, where individuals can speak with no mask on.


September 9, 2020

Present: Michael Bihari, Carol Chittenden, Marcia Easterling, Margaret Gifford, Nan Denton, Mary Pat MacKenzie, Susan Loucks, Marion Bihari

Guests: Janice Hank, Lois Hirschberg, Social Justice Members Falmouth Jewish Congregation.

Marion welcomed Lois and Janice to the meeting

Susan explained the function of Neighborhood Falmouth to our guests. Also, why our guests were invited to the meeting. NF is interested in exploring ways we can reach out to the gay, black and mixed-race community to share information about our services as well as finding volunteers and possible board members.

There was a discussion of worthwhile books and reading material:

Examples: So, You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo, White Fragility by Robin Diangelo, How to be an Antiracist by Ibram Kendi, The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips and Caste, The Origins of our Self Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson.

Can Janice and Lois help us find people in the community we can approach? How do we get the word out to the community? A panel discussion at the library with speakers?

Lois will get back to us after speaking to contacts in the community.

We should check out the following websites that belong to black owned businesses: and No date was scheduled for our next meeting.