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Virtual Meeting Monday, November 9, 2020


Present: Marion Bihari, Carol Chittenden, Nan Denton, Marcia Easterling, Martha Gavenas, Sue Gnospelius, Lee Turner, Marilyn Zacks; Marion was welcomed back and is doing well.

The goodie bags delivered to members have been a BIG hit, with lots of calls and emails of appreciation to the office.

Reponses to calls to members have been tepid with notable exceptions of members who are indeed isolated. Calls should continue to members who have welcomed them, and we should assume they are frail and watched over accordingly. It might be good to ask as tactfully as possible if in doubt, “Do you wish to stop receiving a call every month or so?” Further discussion about sending holiday cards to both members, gala sponsors, and other supporters. Susan will look for suitable ecumenical options and report back to us. MSAC members and other volunteers would address cards, with or without further enclosed messages and notes. Callers might also ask members for ideas they wish were part of NF services/activities especially now with CV19 likely to continue to surge in the months ahead. Maybe include such a question in the next Newsletter?

Cookbook orders are coming in, primarily from members who received the printed NF newsletter. Major marketing begins shortly: Enterprise, email, etc. Ordering options are on the front page of the website.


Appropriate holiday observations other than cards didn’t raise immediate interest, partly due to concern about the surging pandemic. However, the prospect of repeating the success of the goodie bags for a future time was greeted with enthusiasm, whether for Valentine’s Day, Volunteers Day, or some other occasion of our invention. A Surpise Members Day? Date TBD.

Circling back to the ever-present thirst for member feedback, Susan welcomed the idea of a “Question of the Month” for the Newsletter, inviting member responses about a wide range of matters, serious and otherwise. Carol suggested the Publicity Committee as a good source of interesting and entertaining questions.


NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 14 at 1:30.




Tech Committee Activities

• Monthly maintenance-all internal and external links working 



• Added Home Page Icon for Cookbook—goes to page that promotes the book and options for ordering, including online

• No WIX Store
• Added latest newsletter
• Added latest Silver Threads
• Monitoring COVID pages for any updates


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November 19, 2020


The Fall Appeal has raised $10,060 from 69 contributors. Goal is to raise $15,000 - 20,000. Getting there!

We will send out one more appeal letter to those who usually donate at end of year but from whom we have not heard. Hope to get that out before Thanksgiving.


Grants: Good news from the Willet Foundation Fund. We received notification that they will be giving us a grant for $15,000. They also informed us that this is the final grant we will receive, as the Foundation is closing. In other great news, the Hermann Foundation has given us a first-time grant for $10,000! I hope that this will become an ongoing source of support., and will be able to moderate the loss of ongoing Willett support.


Video: We made the decision to postpone video filming until next year at the soonest. Between the confines of filming with masks, and working around the Covid virus, and the uncertainty around fundraising events in 2021, we felt this was the best choice. Our deposit remains on account with Brian Switzer the videographer.


Gala/Fundraiser 2021: We have had some productive conversations about possible fundraisers for 2021, but have made no decisions. Mary Pat can talk about some of the ideas we are considering.