Board Committee Reports

Volunteer Committee

January 5, 2021

Laura’s statistics showed some significant contrasts between 2019 and 2020 volunteer services. Here are some of these: 2019 vs 2020

  • Rides: 3323 vs 1301

  • Deliver meal/groceries: 68 vs 350

  • Handy Person: 114 vs 73

  • Total Services: 4199 vs 2555

Thus NF was still active through the pandemic.

Susan noted that the MA Service Association grant which is partially designated for Fran/volunteer recruiting work expires on April 30. So we want to use her as much as possible for recruiting volunteers soon. Suggestions: She can write letters explaining the expected increase in volunteer services requested as the pandemic is reduced - One set of these would go to all volunteers, active and inactive. The other set to non-volunteers who have shown interest in the past.

There was general agreement that because of several board retirements our committee has become too small. So we should try to recruit 2 or 3 active volunteers to join the committee now. Susan, Laura, and Jack will work on this.

Susan would like to have a Volunteers’ zoom session again. She noted that turn-out was small when last tried, but this is still worth trying again.

There were some suggestions about replacing Jack when he leaves the board this spring. A member of another board committee or a member of this committee might be recruited. Jack might be willing to help or advise a new chair. Fran might be able to do a number of administrative tasks with an advisor

Development Report

January 21, 2021

2020 Year End

As you have seen in the Treasurer’s Report, we ended the year ahead of goal, an impressive feat during this terrible year of Covid-19. Our board and our donors deserve credit for recognizing the value of NF and keeping it in their charitable giving plans.

2021 Year Ahead

And, what 2021 will look like is anyone’s guess. We will have to work hard to meet our goals and to navigate what is sure to be tricky terrain for many nonprofits. I have some fundraising ideas, and will share more in the coming months.

End of Year Appeal

We often get end of year checks in January, but this year especially so. The US Mail did not deliver quickly, so we had more mailed checks rollover into January than usual. Makes for a good start to the year!


Cookbook sales had slowed, but by contacting all the contributors who had not yet purchased, sales have picked up again. Total sales = $6,713 from purchase of 294 books. Sales in Jan so far: 14 books sold = $301. Eight Cousins has sold their first two batches of 10 cookbooks each and now has requested a batch of 20 cookbooks to sell. Great news!


Neither the Davenport Foundation nor the Falmouth Fund funded us for 2021. Frustrating. I have or will contact both to thank them and explain that we hope to earn funding from them next year. The Director of the Falmouth Fund called me to let me know in person that we would not receive funding (we haven’t since 2018), and asked me to write up some stats about NF, as it wasn’t clear to them how we are different from the Senior Center. I will definitely do that. Still plan to write to the Kelley Foundation, and new grants will be due for the Woods Hole Foundation in February.

Gala/Fundraisers 2021

We are looking at a Zoom author talk on Wednesday, March 10 with Steve Kurkjian, author of Master Thieves.

Also, for our big fundraiser, an outdoor family BBQ on Saturday, September 11, which would include silent auction items at the new CLOC Rehearsal Hall space near Woodneck Beach. Mary Pat can give more details.

N.F. Fundraising Meeting

January 7, 2021

Attending: Marion Bihari, Mike Bihari, Carol Casey, Margaret Gifford, Sue Gnospelius, Susan Loucks, Mary Pat MacKenzie.  Absent: Janet Totten

Update on author event from Marion

  • Steve Kurkjian Master Thieves Virtual Author Talk Event

  • Date: Wednesday, March 10, 7 pm – 8:15 pm

  • Susan to talk with FCTV and Fal Historical to get help with Webinar/technology piece

  • Thinking of $25 pp, but could decide whether we want to add a food (wine & cheese delivered) piece for an added fee

Steve does not need a fee but would be happy with a $50 GC to the Burger Bar!j

Need to have a PR plan, including:

  • Promote to Villages

  • See whether I.S. Gardner museum would put on their FB page

  • The art schools in Boston and RISD

  • Get Fran to put on our FB page

Next Steve Kurkjian/Master Thieves event meeting – Thursday, Jan 28, 1 pm

Update from Susan & MP on B-Que at CLOC

  • Loved the space at the new CLOC construction site, which will be finished by June

  • Date: Sat, Sept 11, 3-5:30 pm, at CLOC

  • No fee to hold there, tho’ we may be responsible for any costs they incur

  • Thinking of Doggs & Hoggs BBQ. They reopen Jan 15, and someone will contact them to confirm they still do catering, and what it might cost

  • Also thinking that Smitty’s Ice Cream cart would be fun Thinking of $75 pp, $40 (?) for kids under (?)

  • Do we need a rain date?

  • Want to have 8-10 silent auction items

Susan to approach gala committee for participation (Judy Johnson has said yes to helping. I may reach out to some regular NF volunteers as well.)

Next BBQ planning meeting - Thurs, Feb 4, 11 am

Update from Carol re: Art event

Nothing decided here

Cooking class with Mike – any kitchen updates?????

Best if this is an auction item at the BBQ

Sending flowers locally as a fundraiser?

Dropping this idea for now

Governance Committee
January 8, 2021

Attending: Marion Bihari, Mike Bihari, Carol Casey, Martha Gavenas, Margaret Gifford, Carol Kenney, Susan Loucks, Karen Roberts. Absent: Janet Totten, Grant Willis

The group reviewed a list of proposed board members, with attention to what the board needs, including certain skill sets, knowledge of Falmouth, connection to other groups, as well as a desire for diversity of age, gender, ethnicity, etc. From this list names will be narrowed down, ranked, and approached. The committee hopes to find 3 – 4 new board members.

Next meeting is Friday, Feb 5.

NF Publicity Meeting

January 15, 2021

Silver Threads:
February – Bobye Anderson – Covid (done)

March: Jackie – Community Services (deadline Feb. 26)
April: (deadline March 26) Spring cleaning? Document clearing?

Planning a garden? Socializing outside – parks etc. FCTV: Susan will update – new topics?

Fundraiser PR: March 10 – 7pm – 8:30: Stephen Kurkjian: Master Thieves Tickets $25.00 ; need to promote to Cape, Boston, art schools & Museums + ?????

Shredding: Tom?
Next Meeting: Feb. 5 or 12 – will have B-que Gala update

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