The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of Neighborhood Falmouth was held on June 18, 2020 via Zoom video conference. PRESENT: Marion Bihari, Mike Bihari, Carol Casey, Carol Chittenden, Nan Denton, Jack Easterling, Marcia Easterling, Martha Gavenas, Margaret Gifford, Carol Kenney, Susan Loucks (Director), Mary Pat MacKenzie, Karen Roberts, Grant Willis. ABSENT: Karen Rinaldo, Tom Sbarra, Janet Totten, Lee Turner.

The meeting was called to order at 3:36 p.m. by President Bihari.

SECRETARY: On a motion by Willis, it was voted unanimously to accept the minutes of the May 21, 2020 meeting as presented.

TREASURER: As anticipated, Treasurer Roberts' report reflected the continuing impact of the ongoing coronavirus situation upon Neighborhood Falmouth finances. Income is down about $17,000, including a May fundraising drop of about $21,000. However, expenses are also down about $21,000, leaving a net surplus to date of about $3500. On a motion by Willis, the Treasurer's Report was accepted for filing, subject to audit.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Director Loucks reported that member requests are trending slightly upward, concurrent with the gradual reopening of medical offices and businesses. Membership is currently at 119, and four new volunteers have been cleared for service since our last Board meeting. Our member waitlist now goes back 8-9 months. A phone survey of volunteers revealed that about 25% are ready to go back to work immediately, while the rest are adopting a "wait-and-see" attitude. Other efforts focused on keeping our COVID-19 protocols for volunteers up to date, as well as staff succession planning.


Volunteer: J. Easterling said that we have enough volunteers for the present and near future, and that volunteer social gatherings (such as the Thursday 11 a.m. Zoom meetings) should be encouraged to a safe extent. At present, volunteer recruitment is limited to publicity via newspaper ads. Volunteers have been instructed in the latest COVID-19 protocols, including asking the member a few health questions when making the appointment and seating the member in the back seat.

Member Services/Activities: M. Easterling reported that efforts are continuing to involve family members, with the focus on: What do we know? What do we need to know? What should we know? One idea was to issue a short survey to new members asking what single additional service might the member like from NF, what type of socializing do they most enjoy, what precautions are they taking against the coronavirus. MacKenzie said we should find out more about a new member's computer literacy, and Mike Bihari said that would be included in the survey. Later, renewing members will be offered the same survey. Also Stephanie Kelly, head of the Samaritans, has agreed to conduct a volunteer training session in "listening for subtext" when dealing with members who may be at risk.


Tech: Mike Bihari has added to the Elder Services, Community Resources, and COVID-19 Resource Center pages, and is expanding the directors-only, password-protected area. Our busiest day was on May 29 (97 users), possibly in response to that day's Enterprise ad.


Development: Loucks said that fundraising is going well, since we have squeezed most of our requests into the first half of the year. The NF Resilience Fund has pulled in more than $24,700 (from 115 donors). We shall find out around June 24 whether or not our $21,645 PPP loan must be repaid. Grants are coming in, including $3500 from the Woods Hole Foundation.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Grant Willis, Recording Secretary

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