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Neighborhood Falmouth Board of Directors 

Meeting Agenda

November 16, 2023, 3:30 pm

Falmouth Public Library, Bay Meeting Room







Approve Minutes from October Meeting

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Roberts


Director’s Report – Candice Geers

Committee Reports [Brief]

  • Volunteer Committee – Bob Spadafora 

  • MSAC – Marion Bihari

  • Publicity/PR – Bill Laberis


S2024 Action Plan

Other Business





Location:  Falmouth Public Library                         10/19/2023


DIRECTORS PRESENT:  Marion Bihari, Michael Bihari, Jack Easterling, Marcia Easterling, Margaret Gifford, Sue Gnospelius, Susan Loucks, Vicky Lowell, Karen Roberts, Karen Smith-Lovejoy, Bob Spadafora  DIRECTORS ABSENT: Joe Andrews, Rev Nell Fields, Carol Kenney, Bill Laberis, Michael McNaught, Kit O’Connor, Janet Totten  ALSO PRESENT: Candice Geers, Director, NF


President Bihari called the meeting to order at 3:30pm


VOTED:  To approve the minutes of the September 21, 2023 Board Meeting


TREASURER’S REPORT:   Karen Roberts gave the treasurer’s report.  She noted that next month we shall have an estimate for the year-end.  Year to date the revenue is falling behind the budgeted amount; grant income is below budget, and with no fall fundraiser, the fundraising amount is $13,000 below the year end goal of $40,000.  She further noted that with staff turnover and new office equipment it is understandable that expenses are somewhat ahead of budget.  On the positive by investing in interest bearing accounts, our funds have earned $6,000 in interest versus a budget amount of $21!  Also, the cash accounts total of $355,000 makes a short-term revenue shortfall less worrisome. 


VOTED: To accept the Treasurer’s Report.


DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  The full report was distributed at the meeting.  Highlights are as follows:


133 is the current membership; the waiting list is 45; 4 scholarships were funded for $1,800.


A second “resource review” session for volunteers on 9/30 like the first was well attended (total for both sessions was 42 volunteers), and the response was enthusiastic.  Resulting consensus is that such sessions should be held on a regular basis.


Candice is working with the Historical Society and Volunteers in Public Schools on a project to record (with videos) oral histories of some of our members.  They are also trying to involve FCTV. 


Candice reported that she returned from the Village to Village Conference in Silver Springs, MD with lots of tips and good resource information and judged it a  “very fruitful experience”.  She is starting to implement some of the suggestions re “Establishing a Digital Presence”.


VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE:  Bob Spadafora reinforced Candice Geers’ report that the Volunteer “resource review” sessions were very well received.  He thanked Candice for organizing them and added that Sarah Rogalewski did a wonderful job in her presentation.  Overall it was both a learning and bonding experience for the volunteers.  He said that Sarah would be initiating a newsletter for volunteers.


MEMBER SERVICES AND ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE:  Marion Bihari reported that the primary focus of the committee has been preparing for the October 28th member luncheon.  The notes from the Committee’s October 2nd meeting were distributed prior to the meeting.  


PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE:  Michael Bihari reported that Bill Laberis will chair the committee. Michael has been working on a communications plan that he will be distributing to the board for comments.  Jamie Thibodeau is working in upgrading/increasing our presence on digital media.  


STRATEGIC PLANNING:  A four page document prepared by Michael Bihari, Candice Geers, Karen Roberts and others provided a focus for the discussion; it was divided into four parts:  Areas of Significant Concern: In the Next 12 months (what) we need to do; Areas of Opportunity - The $100,000 Question - Some Thoughts from the Board;  And Some Thoughts from the Prez.  A lively discussion followed, but the only decision made was that the Executive Committee would meet  before the next board meeting to try to come up with priorities and a plan of action for the year ahead.  A major concern noted is that under the current by-laws  President Michael Bihari, Vice-President Janet Totten and Treasurer Karen Roberts are all term limited as of the next annual meeting. 


President Bihari adjourned the meeting at 5:10pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Vicky Lowell, Clerk

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